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DateApr 5, 2021

SSL Certificate for Website

  • Chrome is the most popular browser for its simplicity, fast and secure browsing experience. In a recent blog post, We came to learn that chrome will make HTTPS as default protocol for website having SSL enabled. This new feature will be applied with the upcoming version 90. As per blog post, this changes will improve privacy and website loading speed along with security for those website which supports HTTPS.
  • For example, users usually type or and browser takes to or as http:// is set as default protocol. With the latest chrome update, default protocol will be set to https and it will work as or


For sites that doesn’t have SSL certificate installed yet or has some kind of certificate related error, chrome will automatically fall back to http protocol.

APT COM offers hosting service including SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt SSL and client can install certificate for their domains.

HTTPS protects website users by encrypting traffic sent over the user machine to Web Server. This process provide extra layer of security to users data they submit while browsing website.

Chrome is set to release the update by 13th April, 2021.

We highly recommend our users to enable/install SSL certificate. If you want our assistance with installing/enabling SSL certificate to your website, please submit a support ticket to support [at] with the domain name.


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