Microsoft News Bar app brings latest headlines to desktop on Windows 10.

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DateApr 10, 2020




On Windows 10, the News Bar is an app from the Microsoft Store designed to bring you the latest headlines from the Microsoft News network and stock information to the desktop.

The app is similar to taskbar you see on Windows 10, which you can position on either side of the screen, at the bottom above the taskbar, or at the top of the screen. The headlines scroll automatically, but you can also use the side buttons to scroll through all the news. If there’s something you like, you can click it to open the article with your default web browser.

If you want to customize the experience, you can click the settings (gear) button, where you can control the position, visualization, background, and monitor location.

Although many people want to skip the news these days, if you’re a news junkie, the News Bar is a must have app on your Windows 10 installation.

News Bar is free, and you can download it as beta from the Microsoft Store, if the default setup isn’t for you, you can customize things a bit further. If you’d rather see the headlines at a glance, there’s an option to have them overlaid on top of the images. You can also reposition the bar on to be on the left side, top, or bottom of your screen.

Microsoft News Bar

When placed at the top of bottom of your desktop, News Bar switching to a scrolling bar of headlines without images. If you still want images, however, you can turn them back on through the app’s settings. Microsoft says in addition to News and Stocks categories, it’s also working on adding Weather and Sports sometime in the future, but for the time being, no ETA is available.



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