No Editor Option in Appearance.

DateOct 19, 2017

No Editor Option in under Appearance. How can you show Editor option under Appearance? Pleases check the below instruction. You will find right solution. The problem is that I cannot find the option under Admin-Appearances – Editor and when I try to access the page using the link I get an error:


1. Go to your cPanel login page

2. Go to your cPanel public_html folder ( Someone call this root folder)


2. Go to wordpress install folder

3. Go to wp-config.php

4. Open wp-config.php file by PHP editor or cPanel edit option.

5. Find this code define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

6. Change this code to define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, false );

7. Done.

Now check your WordPress admin panel Then

check Appearance>Editor.


If the menu item is there at that point, switch the theme back and test again. As you’ve just read above, WordPress security plugins can cause quite serious issues with WP Appearance Theme Editor.

Does this mean that you should stop using WP security plugins at all?

Personally, I have a few security plugins from this list installed and activated, and I still have access to WordPress Appearance Theme Editor. Have you guys done an update to this theme that has meant I have lost the editor?


Have a nice coding… 🙂