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DateSep 29, 2022

cPanel again increase their prices

cPanel again Increase the pricelist. cPanel has dropped a bombshell on its customers with a price hike for its services that has left some running for the door marked exit.

The company, which specialises in interfaces aimed at simplifying website and server managementannounced the increases (PDF) Without warning, with licences purchased or renewed from now hit immediately, with monthly licences sticking with the old structure until 15 September. cPanel Price Increase price effected hosting company.

Annual licences are also for the chop, and will be converted to monthly billing as they come up for renewal.

New offering price is cPanel Solo, at $15.99/month, cPanel Admin, at $27.99/month, cPanel Pro, at $39.99/month, cPanel Premier, at $59.99/month.


Below have old price, which one cPanel declares before :-

The gang previously had three tiers for users to enjoy – cPanel Solo, at $15/month, cPanel Admin, at $24.99/month, cPanel Pro, at $35.99/month, cPanel Premier, at $53.99/month. 


It’s a big impect for hosting service provider and we want to say our customer ” sorry, sorry “. Sorry for this inconvenience. APT COM have nothing to do here and we are the 3rd party, who used cPanel for our customer. We offering our clients best price, how can they reduce there hosting price! Its our one of the mail goal and we are working with this. Everyday we get lot of request from our customer’s and APT COM trying solution there problem.


We know that in order to be a good hosting company, you have to give good price as well as very good support. S0, after that We will get big prizes from our customer. cPanel again increase their prices its big negative impect for your business and lot of user can’t afford it and they tried to move another panel. We are here and we trying to help our customer about this issue and We think sometime we are successful here and sometime we need to stragul for this.


We know we are a best hosting service provider in this hosting market and therefore we need to competition with your competitor. We are successfull here and we make new new offer for our web hosting, reseller domain, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, email hosting and wordpress hosting client’s.


We offer best Prestashop and WordPress optimize hosting also, which hosting are more powerfull and smooth loading from another provider. We you host your website to us, after we will see what the magic and how you website is optimize under our server! Our technical team working will those issue all time and we have expart techinical team for this.


Have a nice day. Bye Bye.


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