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DateSep 24, 2018

Special SSL Offers.

Dear Reseller / Customer,

We are excited to announce special SSL Offers on positive SSL starts at just 35$ per annum to our resellers.

As a recent news, the new version of Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘Not secure’ and prominently highlight this in the URL bar in an effort to create a more secure internet. Hence the necessity of SSL on domain names is vast increasing in the internet world.

Please visit offer URL given below for more details and chat with our experts.

Positive SSL @ 35$/annum.

How SSL certificates work.

An SSL certificate creates a secure end-to-end encryption protocol through which data like usernames,
passwords and credit card info can pass through safely, undeterred from hackers and malicious intentions.


First, the SSL agreement.

When a visitor enters an SSL-protected website, your SSL certificate automatically creates a secure, encrypted connection with their browser. Your site is most secure when SSL is deployed on all pages and subdomains.
Looking for a great deal on an SSL Certificate? Whenever SSL Certificate providers place their certificates on sale or offer special pricing, we’ll list them here so you can find the best deal possible. Look at the comparison chart of all the special deals to make sure the certificate you get will meet your needs. They won’t stay at this price for long so be sure to take advantage of the special pricing while you can. If you need to find a specific certificate, try to compare SSL certificates with the SSL Wizard.



  • APT COM reserves the right to alter or amend promotional offers at any time.
  • Each of the above offers is subject to its own terms, which can be found on their individual promo pages.

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