What’s Coming in WordPress 5.2 Features

DateMay 11, 2019

This release will bring improvements to the block editor, site health check, several bug fixes and minor enhancements.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the upcoming features in WordPress 5.2.


1. Improved Fatal Error Protection in WordPress.
2. Block Editor Updates in WordPress 5.2.
3. Performance Improvements.
4. Accessibility Improvements.
5. Introduction of New Blocks.

PHP 7.4 Compatibility:

WordPress 5.3 Released aims to fully support PHP 7.4. This release contains multiple changes to remove deprecated functionality and ensure compatibility. WordPress continues to encourage all users to run the latest and greatest versions of PHP.

As WordPress developers have managed to release the current WordPress version on time, you can now use all WordPress new features without limitations.

In general, there are some significant changes – from changed appearance of the admin environment, through new features of WordPress blocks (including the release of completely new blocks), to improvements in usability and accessibility. One of the biggest advantages of WordPress newest version is that it really keeps in mind the user’s experience. This WordPress version makes working with blocks easier. For example, by adding Block Appender for color differentiation of individual blocks in multiple blocks.

Also, content management has become more convenient.

A completely new feature is the local Auto-save, which prevents loss of data during periods of internet disruption. Furthermore, improved way of uploading high-resolution images ensure that, in the event of an unexpected interruption of uploading process, the image will continue to upload (from the point where it ended).

They won’t disturb you anymore because now they’re transformed into gentle Snackbar notices. Besides that, current WordPress version is much faster than the previous one. However, this is only a fraction of all WordPress new features. Now, take a look at the promised overview of all the changes.

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