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DateOct 4, 2018
How to Create a WordPress Child Theme?
WordPress Child Theme is extremely simple, so much so you can copy and paste my example below. To create a child theme for your theme, you will need to do the following steps: Create a theme directory in your WordPress...
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DateOct 3, 2018
Important Security Alert
Dear Web Hosting User, Please note that few months before ransomware has infected 1000’s of systems around the world. Further to it, now compromised systems which are configured to access or download emails are used to hijack email ids. Using...
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DateSep 24, 2018
Special SSL Offers starts 35$/annum
Special SSL Offers. Dear Reseller / Customer, We are excited to announce special SSL Offers on positive SSL starts at just 35$ per annum to our resellers. As a recent news, the new version of Chrome will mark all HTTP...
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DateAug 10, 2018
HOW To Change PHP Version, Module and PHP Variables?
HOW To Change PHP Version, Module and PHP Variables? PHP Version Switch all of our cPanel Servers are running on CloudLinux OS with cPanel/WHM. PHP Selector is a CloudLinux feature that allows each cPanel user to select PHP version, module...
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DateAug 4, 2018
iPay – New Payment Method Activated – Accepting any Bank/Card Payment
iPay Payment System. We are very excited to offer another payment method to our clients which is iPay. From now on, Our clients will be able to pay APT COM from any bank account, debit or credit card via iPay...
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DateMar 17, 2018
PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0 Or Switch
PHP Switch Smooth with Super Easy. Ok, so let’s start with the server. First, you’re running PHP 5.6. You should be running 7. Here’s why. Site speed – PHP 7 can handle uncached hits 2-3x faster than on PHP 5.5 Resource efficiency – An...
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